The MyMIA by Nuvita Products are warranty protected against manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase.

If you find a defect of the product, contact our customer service. In case of defect the immediate replacement will be carried out or, in case of unavailability, the product will be replaced with a similar one.

All components subject to normal wear and tear are excluded from the warranty.


The warranty does not apply if:

1. The product has been damaged due to improper or abnormal use.

2. The product has been modified or tampered with.

3. All Nuvita products are intended for domestic use only.

4. In case of accidental events.

Not covered by warranty:

1. Result of wearing and/or using parts over period of time.

2. Result and risks related to transport of any kind and for any reason, in the case of the management of a product that is out of warranty guidelines.

3. Damages due to causes and natural disasters, accidental events or conditions not compatible with the product.